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Lawrence Pratt

Lawrence Pratt

San Jose, CA


A technical writer and trainer by trade, many years ago I turned my ability to handle the written word into the hobby of freelance writing mostly travel and local interest items for starters. I quickly learned that my articles had a better chance of being published when accompanied by suitable images. After some basic experience and lessons applied to a series of travel and local interest items, my photography became a standalone hobby. With a bit of patience and more good luck, I've found my images featured in a variety of newspapers as well as nationally-recognized magazines including Fine Gardening and National Geographic. Not too shabby for a hobbyist. If you're interested in viewing other images of a given genre - floral, seascape, etc. - please contact me at No attachments or links, please.

For those who might enjoy wearing an image, the diving bear and ladybug on flower items are available in various presentations at and

Also, since you're here, check out my novel - Dark Deception - available in hard copy through Amazon or e-copy through any of the major readers. More details at


Tiled Steps by Lawrence Pratt


Rare Alignment by Lawrence Pratt


Palace of Fine Arts color by Lawrence Pratt


Palace of Fine Arts by Lawrence Pratt


Painted Lady by Lawrence Pratt


Oregon Sunset by Lawrence Pratt


McWay Falls by Lawrence Pratt


Lighthouse Steps by Lawrence Pratt


Ladybug on Flower by Lawrence Pratt


Kolob by Lawrence Pratt


Iced Berries by Lawrence Pratt


SF Through the Bridge by Lawrence Pratt


City Lights by Lawrence Pratt


Diving Bear by Lawrence Pratt


Clearwater Falls by Lawrence Pratt


Chipmunk by Lawrence Pratt


Serenity by Lawrence Pratt


Bay Bridge and City Skyline by Lawrence Pratt